Our method of re-imaging the visual of your old set and adapting newer technology can lengthen the life of your existing television set. This delays your company from spending a large amount on a brand new set for several more years.

We were asked to repair the existing Fox6 Now WITI Milwaukee set that had laminate peeling off the walls and platforms. Our team worked in the studio to repair and custom changes the various pieces the client wanted to be refreshed. We then were asked back later in the year to convert much of the set lighting from florescent to color-changing LED.

We were hired to design and build light-boxes for the WQAD-TV News 8 graphics behind the news sets. These light-boxes were converted from the existing set and changed to be LED rear light-boxes that illuminated an entirely new background graphic. Our team used the existing set and made it into a newer look

Called upon our team of designers, builders, and craftsmen to work on several of the Tribune Media television stations. Asking us to refresh, repair, and redesign the stations look to give a new life to a damaged or worn outset.


Philmagic Designs and Productions, a division of Philmagic LLC, is a group of skilled theatrical craftsmen that work to refresh the look of your current television set.

Consider that your aging set has needed to be modernized or visually updated, we specialize in working with your art and production departments to make the set what you need it to be. We have the

experience and expertise to revitalize your studio set to give it many more years of service to you.
Our mission is to provide you with a cost-effective alternative to an entirely new built studio set. We can help you to save that money to use on other projects that need to be done. We also can help with lighting and consulting needs as required. We look forward to working with you on your needs
Phil Patnaude – CEO and Creative Director for Philmagic Designs and Productions

As CEO and Creative Director for Philmagic Designs and Productions, Phil has 27 years of professional experience designing sets and set pieces for Television, Music Performance, Concerts, and Live Events.

In addition to Scenic and Lighting Design, Phil is also an Adjunct Professor for Theater at Indiana University.

We listen to you and your staff to find the areas of concern and where you want to see improvements. The discussion of your project and all its aspects finding the best and economical solution for your needs.